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Archive Fever

Printed Publication Design, 2019

Jacques Derrida illustrated the archive in his book “Archive Fever” as followed: There is always more than one-and more or less than two. In the order of the commencement as well as in the order of the commandment. Inspired by the refreshing perspective of the archive, the publication is talking about it differently: The archive is a representation of power, but it is also power of a representation.
A collective of valuable archive material from the age of discovery until the Dutch golden age is thus titled in the opposite way: “The Great Achievement,” and “The Inconspicuous Collapse”.

The archival material such as maps, illustrations during the age of exploration, and the trade documentation between the 19-20th century is presented through the spreads with the text of “Archive Fever.” And two different headers are constantly switched in every spread questioning the meaning of the archive.

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